TimeKeeper™ Enterprise Appliance

The only 25Gbps-enabled timing appliance on the market

TimeKeeper Enterprise Appliance receives time from any combination of satellite (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and Beidou), and time over network, provides holdover and failover, and serves time over any combination of PTP and NTP.

Six years after introduction it remains the only high speed native network clock and now is available with 25, 40, and 100 Gbps networking and infiniband support. The appliance is built using a customized TimeKeeper Server base on a 1U server chassis with redundant power supplies, IPMI access, gigabytes of record storage, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of other less capable solutions.

TimeKeeper Server built in.

For high reliability and performance.

The powerful management, data analysis, and visualization components of TimeKeeper Server Software just turn on when the device is turned on - no configuration or installation of added components is necessary. Clear menus (or simple scripts) define which time sources are used, what time sources are served over what ports, and what conditions should generate alerts. In addition to monitoring time synchronization, both locally and in clients, the control software monitors hardware health, temperature, fans, and many other hardware conditions. While many of the legacy GPS clock devices in production will fail silently, TimeKeeper Enterprise Appliance automatically compensates for many conditions and also warns IT staff and management software via email and/or SNMP. There is a comprehensive CLI for users who prefer text to web interfaces.

Designed to keep working.

Multiple-sources, multiple protections.

TimeKeeper Enterprise appliance is designed to keep operating in adverse conditions and to alert technical staff and management when problems are found. Many FSMLabs customers connect TimeKeeper Enterprise Appliances in a mesh, each feeding high quality PTP or NTP time over the network to each other one as both fallback time sources if GPS is compromised and so that the Appliances can cross-check each other. Even in a stand-alone environment, the Enterprise Appliance is able to detect problems, alert, and go into holdover mode when necessary.

State of the art networking and protocol support.

25Gbps, hardware timestamped, multiple ports.

With two hardware timestamped 25 Gigabit-per-second hardware timestamped ports, five 1 Gigabit-per-second hardware timestamped ports, and options for additional network ports and Infiniband, TimeKeeper Enterprise has unmatched networking capabilities. TimeKeeper Enterprise can serve 100 nanosecond accurate time via both NTP and PTP (and all PTP profiles). It is widely believed in the industry that NTP has to be less accurate than PTP, but TimeKeeper Enterprise brings high accuracy to both. And by avoiding the slower network ports on legacy GPS clock devices, TimeKeeper Enterprise avoids the timing errors and congestion created by, for example, attempting to push 100 Megabit packets onto a 10Gigabit network.

Rugged and high quality hardware base.

Enterprise quality chassis, networking, and GPS receiver.

Hot swappable power supplies and built in standard intelligent platform management (IPMI) are among the features that come with the high end chassis that is designed for a data-center environment. TimeKeeper Server software supplements this base by adding additional hardware monitoring. The base device also features significant computer and storage capability, so that the graphical environment and extensive data analysis capabilities execute in real-time and archival storage spans years of records. The GPS component combines an excellent receiver with an exceptionally stable OCXO. Networking hardware is rugged and powerful.

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