TimeKeeper™ Complete Solution

The end-to-end clock synchronization solution

The TimeKeeper suite is a plug-in, enterprise quality time synchronization solution that can be easily installed in a greenfield network but that also provides a smooth, low disruption, migration path from ad-hoc timing synchronization technology. From rooftop GPS to datacenter network equipment all the way to trading applications on dedicated machines or in the cloud, TimeKeeper will transparently supplement, replace, and outperform existing technology.

End to end solution

Time at the application is what matters

TimeKeeper technology can manage, instrument, and document clock sychronization from the satellite receiver or other primary time source to the application server and appliction software. No matter how good clocks are on a GPS device or in the data center or even on a network card, the quality and reliability of time in the software application is what matters and that is what TimeKeeper delivers.

Each component works seamlessly with both TimeKeeper and other time synchronization devices and programs using standard protocols and intelligent adaption. And all of it is managed, displayed graphically, and analyzed by TimeKeeper Management.

A complete system solution

Software, hardware, consulting and design advice.

FSMLabs has a complete solution for any time synchronization requirement from full design of world-wide time distribution to a collection of virtual machines. We can provide the technology and advice needed for upgrading a critical network of machines for high frequency trading or finding low cost, low disruption path to upgrade a worldwide network.

Reliability and traceability

For systems that have to work all the time

TimeKeeper® Client has a unique capability to monitor multiple sources, cross-check, and automatically failover. Both the ubiquitous Network Time Protocol (NTP) and the newer IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) are supported and can be mixed as appropriate for the network. Sub-microsecond precision time accuracy can be achieved with both protocols. The PTP Telecom Profile is supported as well. TimeKeeper Client will actively cross check multiple sources and will detect and respond to time source errors. Logs comparing time from multiple sources are kept, providing an auditable trace - both for forensic and regulatory purposes.

Powerful Management Capabilities

Far lower cost of ownership

TimeKeeper Client can be configured and managed quickly and easily, without specialized time synchronization skills. Connecting a client to multiple sources, both PTP and NTP, is a matter of a few mouse clicks, or a few lines of clear configuration commands, or simply deploying with a managed TimeKeeper image.

A powerful and intuitive web management platform gives users and administrators insight into how well the system is working and what the surrounding time network looks like. No additional hardware is needed, but TimeKeeper will automatically make use of hardware timestamp capable hardware if present.

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