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FSMLabs is now FSMTime

February 9th 2019 · 2 min read · fsmtime, fsmlabs, timekeeper

FSMLabs is now FSMTime

FSMLabs® Announces FSMTime™

January 29, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FSMLabs, Inc., the global leader in secure enterprise time synchronization solutions, announces the launch of the new website and brand name. The name and website will more closely align with FSMLabs’ TimeKeeper Enterprise-Class Platform as the proven, market leading solution along with the company’s business expansion in rapidly changing markets; extending beyond the financial trading sector that the company dominates. These markets require time synchronization of critical applications that must be both secure and resilient. Industries include financial trading, data centers, first responders, 5G, cybersecurity, gaming, cloud database, automation, broadcast, blockchain, AI/machine learning and government. FSMLabs corporate structure remains unchanged but the new name reflects an evolution and expansion of the company’s business.

The new website will provide full access to the innovative TimeKeeper® Enterprise-Class Platform, that includes a family of integrated, software-powered time and synchronization products and services by industry and application. TimeKeeper provides an ultra-high precision solution designed to time-sync high-speed servers and virtual machines across distributed data centers. It offers leading-edge sub-microsecond accuracy against the UTC and NIST traceability standards.

“We recognize that there are many industries undergoing a rapid digital transformation and will face challenges in 2019 around data integrity, governance, reliability, security and time stamping accuracy. Ultra-high precision, durable, time synchronization is the common denominator, much like power or connectivity,” said Victor Yodaiken, CEO of FSMTime. “Our new site will feature the TimeKeeper Enterprise-Class Platform, the industry’s most advanced and trusted solution.”

TimeKeeper Platform: The Intelligent Enterprise-Class Clock Solution

  • Platform: TK-Platform consists of all integrated TimeKeeper products in a single, user-friendly dashboard environment
  • Server: TK-Server software is a grandmaster server or boundary clock that provides real-time TimeMonitor™ alerting, fault tolerance, clock distribution, analytics and TimeMap™ topology visualization
  • Client: TK-Client synchronizes the clocks on Linux, Windows, and Solaris application servers and VMs to multiple sources over the network with real-time, ML-based TimeIQ™ intelligence and TrustedTime™ accuracy assurance to UTC and NIST traceability
  • Compliance: TK-Compliance software provides time sync monitoring, KPIs, data analytics and the TimeIQ reporting tool making MiFID II, FINRA, CAT, PSD2 and UTC or NIST traceability compliance easy to manage for auditors. Compliance extends the monitoring capability of TimeKeeper Server.
  • Grandmaster: TK-Grandmaster II appliance, the industry’s fastest 10/25/40/100GbE NTP/PTP time server, receives time from any source and serves secure, verified time with GNSS SkyMap™ anti-threat trusted sources tool and SecureTime™ validation over NTP/PTP at sub-microsecond precision

About FSMTime

FSMTime (also doing business as FSMLabs) markets, supports and sells secure, resilient enterprise time and synchronization products and services to keep businesses and operations applications synchronized with ultra-high precision across distributed data center networks. Over the past 10 years, the TimeKeeper® Enterprise Platform has become the industry’s gold standard and most trusted software product is available for time-critical industries. Visit FSMTime: or contact us at 1+512-237-7790 x101

TimeKeeper and FSMLabs are registered Trademarks of Finite State Machine Labs Inc. TimeKeeper is protected by US and International patents.