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Update for customers who purchased via Spectracom-Orolia

May 14th 2018 · 1 min read · velasync, timekeeper, orolia, grandmaster

Update for TimeKeeper® customers/licensees that purchased via Spectracom/Orolia or its resellers and VelaSync™ customers.

Please contact for up to date support contracts.

  1. FSMLabs is no longer licensing Spectracom/Orolia to sell or maintain any TimeKeeper® products or the joint Spectracom/FSMLabs VelaSync™ Spectracom/Orolia’s rights ended in late 2017. Spectracom is not authorized to support, supply, deliver, or update.
  2. FSMLabs is offering bridging software support so that no customers are inconvenienced by this change.

    • Direct, no cost standard support during the first year for TimeKeeper® Software and VelaSync™ TimeKeeper Software in initial year after purchase (if purchased before the start of 2018).
    • Direct, no cost, standard support for VelaSync™ Software sold before January 1, 2018 for Enterprise Customers.
    • Direct standard support for VelaSync™ Software and Hardware otherwise.
    • Please contact if there are other special circumstances.
  3. TimeKeeper® GrandMaster Generation 2 is a drop in replacement for VelaSync™/TK-GM1 with higher speed networking and multiple GNSS constellation support. It is available immediately. There is a trade-in available against older models.
  4. Customers with other support issues for VelaSync™ should contact FSMLabs if they cannot get support from the vendor and we will see what we can do to help.

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TimeKeeper GrandMaster Generation 2 .

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