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TimeKeeper 8 Released

April 18th 2018 · 2 min read · timekeeper, version

TimeKeeper Version 8

Austin Texas, April 17, 2018

FSMLabs TimeKeeper® Software Version 8, released Q2 2018 brings TimeKeeper into its second decade as the leading technology for clock sync in financial trading and beyond with major upgrades to TimeKeeper Compliance reporting and with support for IPv6. TimeKeeper Version 8 is accompanied by the release of the second generation of TimeKeeper GrandMaster with multi-constellation (GPS, Galileo and others) support, and 25Gbps networking (hardware timestamp enabled) for both PTP and NTP. For over 10 years TimeKeeper has led this market sector in performance and end-to-end capability, and is now widely used in production by many of the largest and most technically proficient financial trading firms. TimeKeeper 8 includes new features, such as:

  1. Significant speedups for TimeKeeper Compliance report generation especially with big datasets
  2. SQL custom reporting for TimeKeeper Compliance
  3. Excel format option for TimeKeeper Compliance Reports
  4. IPv6 networking
  5. HTTPS available everywhere
  6. Faster networking, multi-constellation support, and better standard oscillator in the TimeKeeper GrandMaster appliance
  7. Performance improvements in virtual machines
  8. Support for Solaris in addition to Windows and Linux.

“TimeKeeper® Compliance for Version 8 takes the last 18 months of experience we have had with production use of our Compliance reporting system as customers raced to meet MiFIDII and FINRA deadlines, and provides a faster, more scalable, and more customizable platform”, said FSMLabs CTO Cort Dougan. “As our customers embrace IPv6,” Dougan added, TimeKeeper is going along with them. ”

TimeKeeper® Version 8 has three levels: Client (which synchronizes time delivered by PTP and or NTP), Server which adds the capability of serving PTP and NTP time and monitoring client systems, and Compliance which adds query and reporting capability for customers who need to document clock synchronization for regulatory or business logic requirements. TimeKeeper Enterprise GrandMaster is a GNSS network clock appliance in a data-center ready turnkey package.

TimeKeeper is available directly from FSMLabs or via worldwide resellers. Contact or call +1 512 263 5530 for more information.

TimeKeeper and FSMLabs are registered Trademarks of Finite State Machine Labs Inc. TimeKeeper is protected by US and International patents.