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Compliance product and TimeKeeper 7.2 released.

October 20th 2016 · 2 min read · compliance, mifidii, finra, mifid2

Austin Texas, October 17 2016. FSMLabs announces the release of TK Compliance 1.0 and TimeKeeper 7.2. TK Compliance is a new product aimed at supporting organizations that need to keep and analyze records on timing for regulatory and data governance purposes. TimeKeeper 7.2 is a major upgrade of FSMLabs industry leading TimeKeeper clock synchronization software. FSMLabs CTO Cort Dougan said: “Both TK Compliance and the new TimeKeeper release are responses to the increased pace of regulatory changes in the US and Europe and the adoption of time synchronization as a data integrity tool in wider enterprise and cloud.” Both products are available for purchase from

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TK Compliance 1.0 is a new product for data analysis and reporting on multiple years of comprehensive timing data

  • Reporting designed to make it simpler to comply with MiFID II and FINRA regulations.
  • Comprehensive data analysis to validate time synchronization reliability and institute data integrity safeguards.
  • Sophisticated monitoring of TimeKeeper and non-TimeKeeper clients, servers, boundary clocks, and network clocks (GPS and otherwise).
  • No-SQL database with REST API, automatic report generation, and intuitive web based Graphical User Interface for managing and interrogating terabytes of data.

TimeKeeper Version 7.2 is a major upgrade of TimeKeeper Client, Server, and GrandMaster software.

TK Compliance ready: able to host TK Compliance product.

NTP Cryptographically protected time packets. TimeKeeper’s network time security implements a NTP compatible cryptographic signature to validate time sources at no performance cost in TimeKeeper’s industry leading sub-microsecond accurate NTP implementation.

  • Network device scalability.
  • PTP management overhead reduction, speed improvement.
  • Incremental improvements in TimeMap for more data visibility.
  • Improved accuracy - high/low sync rate and with holdover oscillator.
  • Higher capacity NTP/PTP serving.
  • Improved asymmetry detection/logging.
  • Skymap support for multiple GPS sources, for signal and antenna verification.
  • Support for 40Gbs PTP/NTP grandmaster/server.
  • Support for rapid initialization for cloud and first responder applications.
  • Improved Amazon EC2 virtual machine performance.

TimeKeeper® Software is state of the art clock synchronization technology supporting both PTP and NTP synchronization with advanced performance, instrumentation, visualization and data analysis. TimeKeeper is used by leading firms in financial trading and other technology driven fields.

FSMLabs Inc is an Austin Texas based software developer with products that increase the precision and performance available from commodity operating systems and hardware.