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Warning - GPS jamming at London Data Center

May 13th 2016 · 1 min read · gps, gnss, gps jamming

TimeKeeper software and hardware has reported warnings of GPS jamming or interference in Equinix LD4 data center. There is a significant interference level, but TimeKeeper based GPS clocks such as the Velasync are still able to function. Facilities management has been alerted and FSMLabs staff is also working on trying to isolate the problem.

The current issue illustrates the necessity of both comprehensive instrumentation and end-to-end analysis for reliable delivery of time synchronization. The GPS quality instrumentation in TimeKeeper and TimeKeeper based GPS clocks permits early warning of potential issues and can trigger failover in properly configured systems with multiple time sources. End-to-end analysis checks quality at all steps along the time network down to the internal time in the point of-use server computers (time clients or slaves). Terrestrial time sources do not reduce the need for these capabilities although they do provide another time source that can be used with multi-source time synchronization.