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A glimpse of the improved TimeMap

November 6th 2015 · 1 min read · timemap

TimeKeeper is growing in analytical capability so that it can assist IT staff in design, maintenance and verification of precision timing networks. TimeKeeper actively scours your timing network for information about which sources are available and how they are getting time. The new TimeMap, for example, provides a view of time sources, their sources and their performance characteristics.


Timing networks are a specific network application and visualizing them and understanding their interactions can be challenging. The TimeMap answers questions like:

  • What are the root sources of my timing system and how do they filter down to specific clients?
  • What are the performance characteristics of network links and timing links between nodes.
  • What will happen in failover and disaster recovery situations?
  • What is the source of load on the network?
  • What is the interaction between physical network topology and timing network topology?
  • What are the hardware, software and transport characteristics of the clients and servers in the timing network?