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TimeKeeper Version 7 Released

February 23rd 2015 · 1 min read

FSMLabs has released TimeKeeper v7.0. Customers can download from the usual source. We strongly recommend testing on a limited number of servers before full roll-out as there are significant changes in this version.

Release v7.0 release improves performance (both accuracy and number of clients served at one time) and removes the need for a kernel module which will allow us to support more operating systems soon.

Important changes in v7.0:

  • TimeKeeper no longer includes a Linux kernel module
  • Support for the TimeKeeper NIC for hardware timestamp PTP/NTP and PPS input/output
  • TimeKeeper servers/grandmasters are able to handle many times more clients now
  • Ability to detect/report asymmetric network links that cause silent timing errors
  • RAID support for TimeKeeper Enterprise Grandmaster
  • More flexible holdover behavior allows cross-check of time when in holdover
  • Grandmaster supports command-line network configuration
  • Grandmaster supports save/restore of configuration information (useful for duplicating configs)
  • Improved accuracy in several configurations
  • Optionally correct leap seconds instantly with a ‘step’ instead of a ‘slew’
  • Many other changes, please see the release notes for detail

An engineering overview of the latest TimeKeeper UI, Grandmaster, and other features is available here

With Version 7 on some older versions of Linux clock resolution will be limited due to Linux bugs. You can test if this is an issue by calling clock_getres() to confirm the clock resolution is adequate for your needs. Also, TimeKeeper reports resolution on startup: If you see “OS reports clock resolution: 0.000000001 seconds” in /var/log/timekeeper after TimeKeeper v7.0 startup, your system is not affected by these problems. For customers with Linux bugs who wish to use older Linux distributions we will continue to maintain TimeKeeper v6.3.