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Virtu Financial and TimeKeeper

August 19th 2014 · 1 min read

“We were reluctant to purchase TimeKeeper when we could download free software, but in the end the performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership advantages were too compelling to ignore. - Tamir Nitzan, Partner/Lead Technologist


“Virtu Financial, Inc. operates as a market maker and liquidity provider to the financial markets worldwide. It provides a technology platform through which it provides quotations to buyers and sellers in equities, commodities, currencies, options, fixed income, and other securities on various exchanges, markets, and liquidity pools. Businessweek

“Virtu has capitalized on two decades of regulatory reform and technology advances to become one of the industry’s biggest players. The firm provides quotes in more than 10,000 securities and contracts on more than 210 venues in 30 countries, according to regulatory filings. The company competes with firms such as KCG Holdings Inc. (KCG) as well as New York Stock Exchange market makers. Bloomberg