Mitre on GPS security or lack thereof

March 15th 2014 · 1 min read · security, gps
By Victor Yodaiken

  • Modern communications networks depend on GPS-derived time and frequency reference signals
  • Our reliance on GPS and its global nature also make it a target for denial/interference by adversaries and even hobbyists
  • Advanced spoofing—re-creating valid signals but adding a time delay- greater threat than jamming–When jammed we can take simple counter-measures; advanced spoofing is invisible to the user
  • Industry/academia have demonstrated a low-cost (<$2k) spoofer using commercially available parts-Mitigations exist but customer demand is lacking-Detailed techniques, components and software required to construct a GPS Spoofer are now widely available via the public domain (a recent Google search returned almost 500,000 hits)
  • Effects of jammed and spoofed signals can be significant – Can disable radios, provide incorrect time stamps to stock trades, etc
  • Create positioning errors resulting in the user erroneously believing he is somewhere where he is not

Mitre GPS Vulnerability or airst