Virtualization and Cloud time synchronization

May 19th 2013 · 1 min read
By Victor Yodaiken

Although it is widely believed that precise time sync is impossible for virtual machines, TimeKeeper solves the problem.

TimeKeeper time synchronization client and server software has been managing distribution and quality of time on physical networks for years. It is now also capable of providing microsecond level time accuracy for virtual servers and networks

  • PTP, NTP, PPS, GPS – low 100’s of nanoseconds accuracy
  • Technique allows TimeKeeper to erase effects on time from Guest OS, Host OS, Hypervisor, virtual networking
  • Takes advantage of, does not require, assist from: Solarflare, Mellanox, Intel, Broadcom hardware
  • Act as NTP server, PTP GrandMaster, Boundary clock and client at the same time
  • Requires no application changes – standard Linux time API
  • Reading time is faster – actually improving performance
  • Time Intelligence Platform gathers statistics from clients and peers, detects problems
  • Auto-discovers your time network topology and displays it for single-pane-of-glass enterprise management
  • Multiple simultaneous time sources for redundancy, security
  • Detect, alert, self-heal from network failure/spoof attack
  • Scalable operation, including support for remote servers outside the local network and high performance implementation of both PTP and NTP
  • Advanced time network administration via web interface
  • Integrates with existing NTP/PTP infrastructure
  • Includes testing tools to validate sync quality

Read the data sheet: here