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Software Offers Consolidated Audit Trail and Protection Against Instances of Sinister GPS Jamming

February 13th 2013 · 2 min read

FSMLabs, provider of software for high-precision time synchronization and distribution, today announced that its TimeKeeper® GrandMaster solution has been adopted by some of the world`s leading hedge funds and exchanges to provide an audit trail and protect against cyber attacks on GPS time.

Financial trading firms are increasingly dependent on tracking time accurately to stay compliant and profitable. However, GPS time can be easily compromised by attacks on network delivery or by “spoofing” GPS radio signals. An error of even a microsecond can throw off automated trading algorithms or cause historical data to be misleading. The authoritative time from GPS satellites can be overridden by a false signal - not to mention lost all together due to network or equipment problems. In order to mitigate the risk, firms are adopting FSMLabs` TimeKeeper GrandMaster appliances.

FSMLabs’ TimeKeeper GrandMaster was designed specifically for financial trading and offers comprehensive protection against time errors - both intentional and accidental. A single configuration uses multiple GPS sources connected to different antennas and network-time feeds to monitor, crosscheck and switch to a reliable source if divergence from true time is detected. FSMLabs’ patent-pending technology will detect even subtle changes to GPS time sources and rapidly switch to a secondary source. TimeKeeper Client software can also monitor multiple time sources and protect against network attacks and errors.

Read more about TimeKeeper’s security and reliability here.

“It is critical that organizations operate reliably in the presence of failures and attacks and have an auditable trace,” said Victor Yodaiken, CEO, FSMLabs. “Our TimeKeeper GrandMaster solution is being used by some of the world’s largest and most well-known hedge funds and exchanges for this very reason. The risks to businesses’ profitability, regulatory standing and reputations are too big to ignore.”

More detail on the current GPS and timing security threat is available here, along with specifics of how TimeKeeper provides a solution to the problem.

If your organization wants to mitigate the risk of spoof attacks, FSMLabs offers a confidential, non-disruptive risk analysis for integrating TimeKeeper GrandMaster into your existing trading platforms. Contact for more details.

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FSMLabs is a technology company specializing in time-related innovation. The firm’s flagship product is TimeKeeper, the software solution of choice for a growing number of high-speed trading firms for high-precision synchronization of time data. FSMLabs has more than 12-years’ experience in real-time operating systems and software for industries such as finance, avionics and robotics, where time is a mission-critical resource. The company is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

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