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Press: A-Team Insight on TimeKeeper for RHEL 6

January 14th 2011 · 1 min read

The A-Team article


Victor Yodaiken, CEO of FSMLabs, explains: “Traders have been quick to adopt Red Hat Linux 6 because its technology allows key application calls to be made more quickly. Our software can use and improve on that technology. We can provide companies with the ability to get precise time in their software and reduce the cost of getting that time. With Red Hat Linux 6, the time taken to get the time is pushed down significantly to tens of nanoseconds. This is because the Red Hat Linux 6 technology bypasses negotiations with the operating system, so that applications get time data more quickly. In trading there is an interplay between precise time and the overhead of getting time data.”

He adds: “Speed of access to high precision time gives the time more value in mission critical operations like high frequency trading. It means applications can be programmed to evaluate comparative latency of trade data arrival or trading venue response, enabling more informed use of market data and more precise pursuit of liquidity and management of orders. The fact that, unlike other time delivery approaches, Timekeeper doesn’t create discontinuous time or jumps in clock time, gives trading strategists a competitive edge against firms using less accurate and stable systems.”

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