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FSMLabs TimeKeeper Bolsters High-Frequency Low-latency Trading And Market Data Streams

April 12th 2010 · 1 min read

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Pure software product provides accuracy to within 10 microseconds across global networks: Fully compatible with legacy infrastructure and client applications

Austin, TX – April 12, 2010 – FSMLabs, the premier provider of enterprise real-time and timekeeping technology, today announced availability of TimeKeeper™, a software product for financial services and other critical applications. FSMLabs Timekeeper helps capital markets and other regulated industries deploy critical applications across clusters, among data centers and over wide area networks, while meeting requirements for accurate timestamping and data logging for high-frequency and low-latency trading, market data streams and other transactions. TimeKeeper’s precision timekeeping, accurate to 10 microseconds or less, adds credibility to trade communications among interparties and forms a solid foundation for latency measurement.

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