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FSMLabs Lowers Latency for Wall Street

October 25th 2007 · 1 min read

FSMLabs Lowers Latency for Wall Street with Real-Time Networking Stack that Guarantees Network Bandwidth & Task Execution

Austin, TX – October 25, 2007 – FSMLabs (www.fsmlabs.com) announces Enterprise Real-TimeNet which lowers and guarantees network latency, network bandwidth and network task execution with round-trip worst-case times of 50 microseconds.  Real-TimeNet controls network I/O CPU processes with its fully controllable, zero-copy deterministic hard real-time networking stack with support for ICMP, IP, UDP and TCP that improves routing, security and enterprise fault-tolerance by decoupling/separating soft real-time network calls from hard real-time network calls thus creating a “Real-Time Processes Layer” which eliminates network bottle-necks and increases network data throughput.

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