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FSMLabs to bring Real-Time to Enterprise

February 20th 2007 · 2 min read

FSMLabs to bring Real-Time Technology to Enterprise, Security and Financial Markets

Socorro, NM -Feb 20, 2007 -FSMLabs (www.fsmlabs.com) is bringing the real-time technology it invented and pioneered to the enterprise.

“Over the last 10 years, we have transformed what’s possible in the embedded space by delivering unique, industry-beating technologies that are compatible with the richness of the open source and open standards ecosystem,” said FSMLabs CEO Victor Yodaiken. “Now, we will capitalize on our strengths to deliver solutions for the enterprise, security, simulation, and financial markets.”

The first FSMLabs Enterprise solution to be released is RTTimeSync, a product that provides highly reliable sub-microsecond time synchronization capabilities for datacenters, even in the event of intermittent network connectivity. RTTimeSync is based upon the same dual kernel virtualization technology that has been used for such diverse tasks as testing jet engines, creating extremely efficient mobile phones, powering movie animatronics and driving Cablecam mobile cameras used at sporting events. RTTimeSync guarantees nanosecond level time synchronization and eliminates clock-drift in clusters, distributed nodes and grid computing for industries where precise timing is critical. This Finance-critical product allows companies to comply with stringent trading timestamp regulations. With precise nanosecond timing, companies will be able to add another layer of security to their computing environment by linking information access to time.

“RTTimeSync is a compelling solution for the financial sector, where electronic trading systems depend upon a precise clock to complete transactions on-time as well as comply with federal regulations” said FSMLabs CTO Cort Dougan. “In addition to RTTimeSync, we will deliver innovative security and fault-tolerant solutions based on FSMLabs technology and our partnerships with industry-leading companies.”

FSMLabs is also ramping up research and development efforts. “While we have some product solutions for the enterprise market coming out in the short term, we will be focusing a significant amount of resources in the creation of new technologies. Historically, our products have been based upon cutting-edge computer science research, and we are excited to build upon this heritage,” said Yodaiken.

About FSMLabs
FSMLabs is the only provider of secure hard-real-time performance enabling technologies for Linux and BSD operating systems running on Enterprise Servers and Desktops PC´s. When failure is not an option and security is a must, our technology turns Linux and BSD GPOS’s, such as Red Hat, SUSE, NetBSD and FreeBSD into NSA compliant, secure high nanosecond/low microsecond deterministic hard-real-time operating systems. By combining Linux and BSD operating systems with FSMLabs’ responsive hard real-time threading, scheduling, networking and virtualization technologies, we have changed the face of computing by creating software that gives an Enterprise Server the power of a Super Computer at a fraction of the cost and effort.

FSMLabs was founded in 1996 and is privately held, with headquarters in New Mexico and sales and engineering staff world-wide. FSMLabs enterprise products include RTTimeSync and other real-time technologies. For more information, visit www.fsmlabs.com or email sales@fsmlabs.com.

Marcus Webster
FSMLabs, Inc.