We make TimeKeeper.

FSMLabs, with over 20 years of experience, is a specialist in system software with a particular focus real-time and clock synchronization.

FSMLabs TimeKeeper® software and hardware is the leading solution to clock synchronization for the financial trading industry and is being adopted in wider enterprise and domains such as gaming, radio and TV broadcast, and defense.

Financial industry customers range from tier one banks to proprietary trading firms.

FSMLabs was an early pioneer in Linux real-time and virtualization. We created, patented, and marketed RTLinux which was the only production quality real-time Linux in the market for many years. FSMLabs retained rights to that technology for the enterprise market but sold the legacy embedded products in 2007 and has since been developing clock synchronization technology for the financial trading industry and general enterprise computing.

FSMLabs first clock sync technology, released in 2008, provided a microsecond accurate ground up implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) for financial services. TimeKeeper was soon extended to support IEEE 1588 PTP and to offer the first usable protocol independent fault tolerance. Since then FSMLabs innovations have made TimeKeeper the industry standard in financial trading with features like a graphical user interface, easy configuration, analytical capabilities, monitoring, alerting, and most recently, an archiving database to assist in regulatory compliance. TimeKeeper Enterprise Appliance, released in 2011, remains the only hardware network clock that provides sub-microsecond accurate time over both PTP and NTP with native 10Gbps performance. 25Gbps and 100Gbps are also available as is support for GPS and Galileo.

FSMLabs’ first generation real-time product powers everything from Samsung’s ship building robots to Pratt & Whitney’s jet fighter engines. Our second generation clock sync technology keeps the world's most advanced financial trading firms on beat. FSMLabs’ focus is on making system software more productive for business by: reducing down time, recovering from faults, eliminating timing drift and providing the super low-latency network operation that is critical to leading edge applications.

FSMLabs technology is designed to leverage and build on the capabilities of industry standard software systems and middleware. We have a focus on adding value through technology and reducing the need for customized solutions.

For more information on world-wide sales, engineering, support, or employment opportunities, please email us at sales@fsmlabs.com.

TimeKeeper and FSMLabs are registered trademarks of Finite State Machine Labs Inc. TimeKeeper is protected by US and International patents including US patents US9,756,153, US9,671,761 and, US9,348,321.



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