Timing is everything. TimeKeeper is the enterprise timing solution

TimeKeeper is the end-to-end solution for clock synchronization - providing accurate time to applications. Designed for the extreme requirements of high speed financial trading, TimeKeeper technology has applications in any field where programs running on virtual or physical devices need access to a reliable reference time. For modern standard commercial networks, TimeKeeper can easily synchronize within a few hundred nanoseconds or better.

TimeKeeper® Client SoftwareProvide accurate time to applications

TimeKeeper Client Software synchronizes the clocks on Linux® and Windows® application servers to some reference source connected over the network. The software is trivial to install and provides high accuracy (nano-seconds), traceable audit, failover, alarming, powerful graphics, and simple manageability at at a startlingly low total-cost of ownership (TCO). TimeKeeper Client replaces ad-hoc and legacy solutions that only offer low quality performance and high engineering/support costs.

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TimeKeeper® Server SoftwareSoftware GrandMaster and boundary clock

TimeKeeper Server Software transforms any server computer into a timing appliance. Server software can use networks or devices like GPS receivers as time sources and can serve time over any protocol. Server software also archives records and performs visualization and time data analysis for whole networks.

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TimeKeeper® Enterprise ApplianceThe only 10Gbps-enabled timing appliance on the market

The Enterprise Appliance is now built and sold worldwide by Spectracom as the Velasync. TimeKeeper Enterprise Appliance provides everything you’d expect from a timing solution - enterprise management tools, high quality NTP and PTP distribution, PPS and 10MHz outputs, redundant power supplies, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of other less capable solutions. The appliance combines a high quality GPS receiver/oscillator with a rugged 10Gbps equipped 1U Server chasis and TimeKeeper Server Software preinstalled and optimized for this configuration. Ask us about small footprint systems and custom requirements.

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TimeKeeper® ComplianceRegulatory Compliance for FINRA/MIFID II and Data Governance.

Compliance is an extension of TimeKeeper Server that can consolidate, instrument, and analyze time sync data from servers and clients across a global network into a single reporting and management tool. Multiple years of time synchronization data from any number of machines (from a small cluster to tens of thousands of machines) is stored in nosql database that can be easily queried with an intuitive and simple web interface. Questions like: what were the network clients furthest out of sync on a specific day or over a longer period at some past time are rapidly answered. Compliance reports can be automatically generated on a schedule. The open format JSON database can be accessed via the web interface, via a RESTful api, or easily imported into other tools.

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TimeKeeper® SuiteThe end-to-end clock synchronization solution.

The TimeKeeper suite is a plug-in, enterprise quality time synchronization solution that can be easily installed in a greenfield network but that also provides a smooth, low disruption, migration path from ad-hoc timing synchronization technology. From rooftop GPS to datacenter network equipment all the way to trading applications on dedicated machines or in the cloud, TimeKeeper will transparently supplement, replace, and outperform existing technology.

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