MiFID II and ten things you need to know about clock synchronization

MiFID II clock sync deadlines are approaching, here's a high level guide. More

Cloudflare Leapsecond Lurch and time sync engineering

TimeKeeper defaults to a short "slew" to prevent leap second failures More

Leapsecond 2016 complete.

The complete leap second from 2016 More

Leapsecond Eve 2016

Approaching the leap-second google time skews More

NTP Authentication with TimeKeeper

NTP Authentication improves the security level of TimeKeeper instances. More

Compliance product and TimeKeeper 7.2 released.

TK Compliance aimed at regulatory compliance and TimeKeeper 7.2 with major performance and functionality improvements have been released. More

Time out of joint

Easy to produce alarming trading records with poor time sync. More

2016 Leap Second

How to prepare for the Leap Second that will be added December 31 2016. More

Five years of production experience with fault tolerant time sync

Talk given at WSTS 2016 in San Jose on TimeKeeper fault tolerance in production systems. More

One microsecond or better with NTP

TimeKeeper's from-the-ground up NTP engine can synchronize system clocks to well under one microsecond accuracy levels. More